Alone (Prologue)

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About two years ago, I wrote a short novel for NaNoWriMo. And today, I decided to take a part of it and make it into a prologue of a serial that I am going to write soon.

Check this out and share your ideas.

Wendy gave him the last index card and said “This idea is the best. Make it work”

Chase looked at her with disappointment as her existence started to fade away. Her hands, her face and even her rosy scent started fading away until no trace of her existence was left in the room.

Chase wasn’t shocked. He stared with a poker face like he used to whenever he ended up simply banishing all the characters he surrounded himself with. He remained silent and looked at what he had written on the last index card. “There are some that are imagined. Some of them are shared. Some I’m the only one who knows.” The first line wrote - There are stories that are true.

Unfortunate for him, he didn’t know what true is. He only knew that in the world where he was living at he was essentially alone. Nobody existed there except for him. He repeatedly created all the characters in his mind and interacted with them as they began to appear in his reality.

Wendy was the most recent character he created. And even if there were things he liked about her, the fact that she was only one of his creations and that she didn’t have any feelings or thoughts of her own made him feel even lonelier.

His world was filled with loneliness. He longed for companionship. He could create a group of people with the same hobbies and activities as he did but it didn’t feel real to him anymore. The first time was great but as more time passed by, he felt tired talking to himself through those entities he had created.

The family he imagined turned from ideal to an unescapable nightmare. It went bad as he had allowed himself to be eaten by the loneliness he had been experiencing.

His house began to crumble. The walls began to turn into dust. The furniture turned into water and everything that surrounded him evaporated into air one drop at a time until nothing was left of his self-made world.

He sat on an empty world filled with nothingness. Everything was black. The darkness didn’t seem to have any end. He stood and kept running towards the never ending darkness. There were no corners to the dark room he was at. The ground he was stepping on didn’t even exist. He could fall to the limitless hole if he would choose to. But he stayed afloat and walked around in that empty world, stepping on a seemingly invisible non-existing floor.

Tired of walking, he laid on his back and stared at the pitch black sky. He hoped he could see some source of light. A sun. A star or even just a moon. All these appeared as he thought of them and quicker than the batting of an eye eventually disappeared as he didn’t appreciate their existence.

He was tired. Too tired of doing everything on his own. He didn’t have a memory except for the memories he made through his creations.

Still lying down, he began to think of the reality of his existence.

How did I come to exist in this place? What is the essence of my existence? What am I supposed to do here? What is my purpose? I’m done playing out roles and creating characters to play with me. My craft is done. This is a limitless world but I feel so limited.

In fact this world limits me to the point I feel like there is simply nothing I can do. Despite that, I can create anything I want. But all my creations are bound to what I can imagine. To what I can think of. Everything lies on what’s on my mind.

I have been searching for a companion but none of my creations seem fitting enough. I need to find someone who is like me. Someone who can do what I do.

But where do I find that being? It appears to me that apart from my creations, I am the only one who lives in this world. Are there other worlds aside from my world? If there were, how can I find it? Moreover, how can I go there?

What if I was placed here by someone who were far more powerful than me? I can create something out of nothing. But could there be someone who could create me? A creator who creates someone who has the ability to create something out of nothing. It doesn’t sound so logical to me. But it seems appealing. If there existed one, how can I get to that being?

He created the fastest car he could imagine and drove towards a supposed end of the darkness. He drove for days and days but there still was no end. Made a flying device he thought could make him penetrate through his dark world but it was not successful. He only ended up soaring into the limitless world of darkness.

He should have known that from the time he realized he was in a void which didn’t seem to have an end. Everything he tried to do didn’t allow him a way out.

He created about twelve clones of himself to discuss about escaping. He didn’t get any interesting idea. For all he knew, all his clones were just thinking of the same thing. Forreasons he wasn’t aware of, he was incapable of creating something which could have thoughts and ideas on its own. It was the limit which he couldn’t surpass.

He created thousands of his clones and shouted “Anyone out there? If you can hear me, help me get out of this place? Hey!”

He kept shouting until some kind of light started to glow at a distance from him. He immediately sent a group of his clones to check on what was with the light.

He tried not to think, afraid anything he would think of would turn into reality. He hoped for something he didn’t think of to happen. Something he didn’t expect. Something out of his control.

For once, I don’t want to be in control. I understand this kind of power but I want something to happen not because I made it happen. I want to see something that is not a part of me. I want to meet someone from whom I can gain something. I hope for this moment to be that moment. Let this be.

His clones reached the glowing light. He made them grab the light and bring it to him. A strange-looking vessel suddenly appeared on the hand of one of his clones and that was where they stored the light until they gave it to Chase.

Chase opened the vessel and touched the light with his own hands.

He was still emptying his mind. Stop thinking. Stop thinking. I don’t want to jinx this one. I don’t know if this is my only chance. All I know is that I have to get out of this place. Right now. And this light. It probably has something to do about it.

He brought the light into his chest and embraced it. He closed his eyes and his world of darkness was eaten by that light. There was nothing to see. It was a blinding light




Filipino. Chemical Engineer. Researcher. Marketing Specialist. Korean Speaker. Frustrated Artist — Poet, Singer, Actor, Dancer (?) Introverted but likes talking

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Rome Juanatas

Rome Juanatas

Filipino. Chemical Engineer. Researcher. Marketing Specialist. Korean Speaker. Frustrated Artist — Poet, Singer, Actor, Dancer (?) Introverted but likes talking

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