At least I learned a few things, right?

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2020 was definitely not a good year to a whole lot of us. I can’t list down all of the losses 2020 has incurred everyone and I’m sure you’ve already heard or read of them somewhere else. So I’m not going to list all the bad things from 2020 in this article.

Instead, let me tell you all the wrong lessons I’ve learned in 2020.

They’re not technically wrong, but I wanted to tag them as wrong now that I’m listing them down.

1. I am just as productive when I was commuting as compared to now that I don’t

This doesn’t mean I want commuting so bad. In…

I actually have more than one, but hell yeah!

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It has been over eight months since I started podcasting and I have published over 70 episodes including bonus episodes on the two podcasts that I have been hosting.

I started it as a side project (a hobby) and I used as my host because it is for free and is so easy to use. It is even possible to create a show with just your smartphone. I started by drafting stories which I could tell by myself and then I invited some of my friends to guest on the…

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I love it when it rains
a reminder
the waters that depart
will find its way
back to us

I like it when its cold
for I can clothe myself
like an overly decorated
christmas tree

I am fine with waiting
I had practice
I am patient
my legs will shake
my heart’s under water
but I will wait
because I’m fine with waiting

Sometimes I long for warmth
the sunlight touches my skin
and then these beads of sweat
start to part from me, I can feel
I can’t bring them back
how refreshing!

Often, I look by my window
to catch a glimpse of the sun
its grand beauty, its majesty
it is a lonely star

and here I am waiting
so long
that I’ve befriended
the dinosaurs that have long been gone
maybe I’ll wait
for I know not
what shall come tomorrow

OK, hbu? — I won’t say this to a friend

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First, let me tell you my approach to communicating with people online.

I don’t normally try to engage in an online conversation if I cannot spend at least 5 to 10 minutes chatting with that person. So, if I’m sending you a message out of the blue, that means I’ve decided I could spend time chatting with you for a little while.

But the internet is crazy and we can’t always be online at the same time.

So if you didn’t reply at the time I sent you a message…

That’s 300 million in Philippine Peso, a money I probably can’t save even if I worked two jobs for a hundred years.

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Within the first two weeks of 2020, the Philippines had its first 2020 Lotto Millionaire of the Year. The bettor won almost 2 million USD. Just shy of a few hundred thousand. That was the jackpot for the 9th of January’s 6/55 Grand Lotto.

Fast forward to today, there’s no lottery since the second week of March so the jackpot has been stagnant for quite a while. The biggest jackpot based on the PCSO (Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office)…

I want out

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I have been reading and writing on Medium since 2016.

I have seen the rise of Medium stars like Benjamin Hardy, PhD, Nicolas Cole, and Tom Kuegler.

When Medium started collecting money from its readers through Medium Membership, I signed up as soon as I could. Because, why not? I am willing to pay for great content. And 5 dollars is like just a cup of overpriced cappuccino and I was sure what I’d get to read on Medium is always worth so much more than that.

And there was also the Medium Partnership Program.

It compensated…

or am I writing to make foot prints on wet cement

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Last week, I watched a video about the rise of fake gurus and while I clearly do not have such title, I started to wonder if I ever had the intention of becoming a guru.

And if I did, I had to make sure I’m not vying to become one of the fakes.

Who are these fakes?

These are those who live off from selling courses, mastermind classes, and access to themselves by selling the dream but not really the means to get there.

There are legitimate gurus but…

Get lost in an ocean of words or learn to play basketball

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If you have been writing for a while on Medium and you haven’t experienced getting even a single article curated, it doesn’t mean you’re a bad writer. It only means your writing doesn’t fit the bill for the majority of the readers at present.

Last week, I saw a terrific writer express her frustration and annoyance after getting dumped by a publication and was told that it was because her writing was boring and that no one was ever going to read her work. That was harsh.


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I wrote an article in September 2018 which eventually got curated on Medium and it has brought me more followers than all of my other articles combined.

Before I published the article I mentioned above, I merely had about a hundred and twenty followers. As of writing, I now have a little over five hundred followers and I’d attribute all of the added followers to that piece of writing.

I know 500 followers on Medium might not be considered a big deal by most writers. It might mean I’m now a budding writer on a Medium, with a following the…

A story not of places but of branding

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I have been writing on Medium since late 2016.

And from then until now, I have been using a pseudonym for all my creative work. I wrote articles as Ando Jun. It is shorter and easier to remember, I thought.

I came up with the name Ando Jun when I decided I will do creative work while pursuing a main job in the field of engineering. That was in 2016. I officially started using Ando Jun when I auditioned for an improv theater group.

People who didn’t know my full name always had a hard time figuring out where Ando…

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